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We take care of all sorts of wildlife problems in the Washington DC area.

Here Are Some Of Our Wildlife Removal & Control Services

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can destroy a lot of property if left to themselves, whether it is trash cans or tearing holes in your roof. We humanely capture these critters and take them to a habitat that is better suited to these wild animals.

We Get Rid Of Possums

Possums carry disease and although they aren’t generally aggressive, a bite can hurt, fester and cause serious harm. Protect your family from these creatures and have us remove possums from your property.

We Kill Rats & Mice

A scourge as old as time, mice and rats have been eating our food and spreading disease everywhere they go. We are mice exterminators and many people have been so grateful we eliminated their mouse problem.

We Remove Bee Hives

Although honeybees are helpful, they and their cousins killer bees and wasps are rather harmful. We safely remove beehives and give them to bee keepers, but we destroy the rest of these insects so they won’t pose any danger to your family.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are havoc incarnate, in our opinion. They eat your attic, destroy your shingles, put holes in your yard and so many other destructive things that they can be really bothersome sometimes. Call us to get rid of them.

We do lots of other pest and animal removal, too, so don’t hesitate to call us!

One thing we do not do is cat and dog removal. Sorry! Here is their number: (202) 442-5955

Why Nest Wildlife Removal Is
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  • We Are Fast.

    Most wildlife removal services are same-day!

  • Talk To The Owner

    James is pictured here. He has been successfully doing this for more than ten years.

  • We Are Wildlife Control Experts

    We have the experience, training and determination to make us wildlife control experts.

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    What Animals Do You Catch?

    We are wildlife removal experts. That means if it does not normally have a collar, bell and lives in the wild, we capture it. No domestic animals.

    We catch raccoons, squirrels, possums, foxes, bats and other wildlife. We also kill mice, rats and other things like that. We are also pest control experts, killing bugs like roaches, bed bugs and more. No pets!

    One caveat: we no longer remove snakes. They too often go away on their own and no one likes to pay for a service that didn’t happen. So we no longer normally offer that service.


    Who Owns Nest?

    James is the owner!


    In his words: “I started in pest control over 12 years ago. Back then I was working with a good buddy of mine simply to make money. I found out that I really love this business, though, and so here I am all these years later.

    “When it comes to pest control, I want you to be happy with my service. That means we come back to make sure the treatments were effective, repeating the treatment if not. And we aren’t done till you are satisfied.

    “You can always reach me, too, just pick up the phone and call (202) 930-9572 and I’ll answer! That way you can always go “straight to the top!”


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    We’ve caught, killed, trapped, poisoned and otherwise controlled every conceivable pest in Washington DC

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      What wildlife are you dealing with?

      Where is the creature on the property?

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